Continuation of Diana's introduction"

A campaign you will delightfully find educational as well as favorable. You will discover how you can incorporate these Healing Images into your way of life; both professional and personal.

The Ho’oponopono campaign has now launched! This venture is exciting as it begins to globally expand and Diana has chosen to share this with you.

In this campaign, the inspired Ho’oponpono image is sacred in nature, a healing vortex to clean and erase the past: moving you to a clear true Idenity and Zero Frequency. This healing fractal image, will speak for itself as you learn more and discover the benefits of Ho’oponopono.

The simple yet profound, Ho’oponopono process is powerful and profoundly grounding. It is an ancient Hawaiian art of problem solving. The main purpose is to discover the Divine connection within Oneself.

We ask you to take a moment to peruse our web site. You will find our international campaign at ### ADD LINK###Hooponopono International. Please download and distribute our Ho’oponopono International posters, available in many languages.

As always, you will be afforded a healing gift with your purchase and as well as gift cards to give to your family and friends.

You will find there are a range of ideas for both personal and professional use. ### ADD LINK###

Contact us if you have questions on how we can best serve you.

Become divinely grounded,
Your Sacred Healing Team
Charmaine Lee
Jon Carl Olson
Richard Swigart